What do you think of men covering their mouth when laughing?


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Can you yawn and laugh at the same time? If not then you shouldn't be covering your mouth unless your mouth stinks. I.e. fasting Ramadhan etc
but why? i think its strange but only because i did it as a child, but my father told me to stop doing it. what if you just got ugly ass teeth?
It's a puzzle but I've seen some guys display feminine behavior but then they end up marrying a girl to some people's surprise, so I guess that happens...


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Only men with huge crooked buck teeth and black gums do this. They do it out of shame, not because they are feminine. It's a nightmare what goes on in many peoples' mouths.

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either they covering their crooked teeth or gum like Gaaldoon said, or they are civilized. It depends how they are covering their mouth. Do they cover it by the fist? Well, thats ok then, thats a civilized man. If covering by hand palm like a geisha-- they gay


That is weird I've never seen men covering their mouth irl when they laugh , only did I saw certain anomalies on generic social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook videos where these millennials and gen z cover their mouths which is strange.
So yeah that sight can be off putting and quite the extraordinary.