What do you do when you are feeling down and fail to accomplish something?


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I personally watch the Forest Gump movie to feel better and get over the disappointments, I can watch that movie another 100 times and still I would find it interesting.

The story of this low IQ kid for some odd reason it gives me a push too go hard to achieve my goals inspirations since Gump also managed to do it.

What do you look for to get inspired and reach your goals when you are not certian if you will make it?



remind myself that greater people have failed harder then me and i shouldn't ***** about it as that doesn't get me any results instead i should get back to work
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Roll two fat spliffs and I’m good

Sksksksksss all jokes aside though whenever I feel down or fail to accomplish something I’ve been working on, I remind myself that some of history’s most successful people have failed much harder and that didn’t stop them from trying again and again to achieve their goals, which then resulted in their success. You only fail when you stop trying and give up.


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