What do you do for a living?


Leading the transformation
Self-explanatory thread, would love to know what some of ya do for a living? Are you lot in full time work? Student? If so, what are you studying and at what level?

Me, I'm a pretty busy guy. I'm a plant operator for a company that produces sailing canoes. Been doing it for close to three years now. Absolutely love it.

I'm also a qualified stonemason, so on my off days I do private jobs, in which I produce paving paving and patio slabs, do peoples gardens or drive ways.
I work as a freelance analyst for twitter- under the somali PR sector. In a nutshell, my job is to look for incriminating tweets involving the somali populace and reporting them back to somali forums.
First year of MBA. I had a part time job in a factory maintaing truck parts, but the building was old so the company shut down and relocated to another city.