What do you dislike about Somali culture.

I don’t like the part where girls help you like a little kid Always an eedo or habaryar that will go

Allah wiilka cunto ha la siyo

Wiilka dharka haa lo maydho

Wiilka cawiya

west man man dream about this, our females are caring and and helpful, why is that bad?

they know a females duty is to cook, clean and help,

western females lost their way and are like man and they kid begs for her to cook, clean etc


"You are your best thing"
Qabyalad, sexism, hypocrisy, Unsi, music(old was gold but the new music is qashin) but above all I hate how most of them feel and act inferior to Arabs.


Lack of self awareness, always worried about other people’s issues even though they are knee deep in their own problems.
Hindi culture some even wear Hindi clothes at their aroos

Waa yaab


They ain't Somali, waa Bantu I think


You expected something here didn't you?!?!?
I hate the fact that we are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO noisy, seriously I'm a quite person and I respect that some of the elderly need to shout down the receiver, but come one, not someone who's in there mid teens- I can hear you from across the road man!!! It has reached the point that people who know me ask why I'm not loud like the other person.

Another thing is that, we all know that Somalis are flawed as people, but refuse to be verbal about it and instead take onto going down a spiral of self destruction, with no way out.


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Somali can be some of the biggest leeches you can meet

they have this haram everything that will lead to success and they limit how successful that one gifted child because of this.

Watching their girls every move while they cause no trouble but the troubled son is free do anything

How fast gossip can travel and how people love to get in to your business

Most are from the ghetto and invest all their money in Somalia instead of improving their own and kids lives in the country they are in

previously successful business men are leaching of their wife's benefits once they moved into the West

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Since my family where economic immigrants from the 80'sI can't really relate to other Somalis who where refugees so I am just going off basic Somali culture that my family still has and not the shitfest that is modern Somali culture.

1), Somalis are loud AF! My god I get earaped 24/7 by my relatives I think I might have damaged hearing at this point.

2), They sing so damn much. I always remember my Hoyo and Edo singing a lot. I found it cute at first then it slowly got very annoying for me.

3), Talking on the phone. Thank Allah I was not around in the early days of the internet when a modem was required to connect.

5), Habo Yar parties where out of control. Was always sentenced to the qashiin that was my basement when my Hoyo would invite all her friends at 9:00pm and just dance and sing to old Somali music. Annoyed the f*ck out of 8 year old me all I wanted to do was play on the damn GameCube in peace!

And that's about it. I have nothing else to complain about.:ohreally:
How Somalis mistreat people who belong to “laangaab “ tribe, and tribalism in general .

Looking down on manual labour like cleaning. But living of welfare as an able bodied adult is acceptable?

Women work very hard but are not appreciated they are just expected to do their duty.

Somali people will talk hours about what needs to be done and what they will do but when push comes to shove absolutely nothing gets done .

The way how some Somalis look up to Arabs and treat that person as if they are more superior and knows more about Islam just because they are Arab.
The cleaning and manual labor is me but I work . For me, it's the extreme denial of the Sharia law