What countries lacks a somali precense

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North Korea definitely has zero.

I have been told there are Somalis living in Fiji of all places so it's hard to tell who has the least besides North Korea.
I would say most East European nations (with the exception of the countries Somalis go to study in e.g. Romania) , the entire Balkans, Mongolia, all the Stan nations (Uzbekistan, khazakstan, etc.), the Caucasus, and most of the non-Muslim southeast Asian nations.
There was this article about a Somali man being a victim of a hate crime in Russia from about a decade ago, maybe he isn’t the only one there
He's definitely not. I used to live there (read my username backwards). There's probably the odd student, and a few who came there as students or for training when the Somali Republic had Soviet ties, stayed there and had families. However, you can go a very long time there without coming across a single Somali person.


Even inside Western countries with many Somalis there are regions with almost no Somalis:

Northern Scandinavia
East Germany
Southern Italy
Scotland, Northern Ireland, northern Wales
most of the US ex Minnesota/Washington/Ohio
inner & northern Australia


cismaan maxamuud
chad,niger,mali,lesotho,swaziland,bolivia ,benin,togo,dominican republic,democratic republic of congo,congo, and south south sudan,
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