What business are you planning to start in Somalia?


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I have been itching to get into real estate back home but need to build up my capital.

A lot of the houses in PL, especially Mudug are horrendous. One can easily pay 50-100k for a house but it will not have a proper kitchen with fridge space, microwave space, oven/stove-top. The tiling work will be horrible and the building materials sub-par.


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I don’t plan on building anything until I see more schools built. I need educated natives to work on my future project me and my abti are planning. I’ve half way given up on that shit hole but I get a call from my cousins back home and that shit motivates every now and then. Some days you’ll hear me say f*ck Somalia and other days you will hear me scream guul Somalia.


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You need a lot of money to start a business. As far as I am aware there is no real venture capital culture in Somalia, so you need to cough it upfront. Not as easy as you think.


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