what are your goals in life


smooth talk on a rainy summer evening
Inshallah, i wish the best for all of us. (i deleted my goals cuz im not tryna jinx/evil eye it)
What are your goals.
Be a top business man with crazy influence, initiate political ties between Somalia-N.Korea, have a Little Mogadishu in North Korea called Jag-Eun Mogadishu (jag-eun=little) with the main street having my name :mjswag:

Somali Hannibal

I stay solo cruising
Graduate this shitty school
Find a high paying job that's worth my money
Build my mom a house
Save up money and start my business
Go to different countries and meet different people
Find a wife along the way
Raise my kids
Retire and get a farm


To retire comfortably in my 40's and work for non-monetary gains, establish an honorable Muslim household, and be a great father and husband. There are many things I would like to do, but I believe these will have the most profound effect on my happiness and sense of accomplishment in life.