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Was recommended this by a friend, heard it was really good (esp for those who're a fan of Russian lit); gonna start it soon.
The Two Hearts of Kwasi Boachi.

"The first ten years of my life I was not black.” Thus begins this startlingly eloquent and beautiful tale based on the true story of Kwasi Boachi, a 19th- century African prince who was sent with his cousin, Kwame, to be raised in Holland as a guest of the royal family. Narrated by Kwasi himself, the story movingly portrays the perplexing dichotomy of the cousins' situation: black men of royal ancestry, they are subject to insidious bigotry even as they enjoy status among Europe’s highest echelons."

Based on a true story.
Babylons were jews ?
No, but the Babylonian's plundered Israel and took the Israelite's into captivity as a Punishment from God, they were enslaved their and spent a couple of centuries there until Dhul Qarneyn defeated the Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar and allowed the Israelites to go back to Israel (hence why this was one of the 3 questions they asked the Prophet to test his prophet-hood).

While they were there we know from Surah Baqarah two Angels by the command of Allah as a trial came down to teach the people magic warning them whoever partakes in this will get nothing from the hereafter. (2:102)

The Israelite learned this knowledge and have spread it around until the Akhenazi Fake Jews in Khazaria also got a hold of it, this is the tradition today known as "Kaballah" which they falsely attribute to Nabi Suleiman postulating that's how he ruled such a vast kingdom. It's a satanic deception.

Trump writes in his book about his Kabbalah teacher and all the elites especially in banking practice this form of satanic mysticism that involves invoking demon's, occult practices, child sacrifice rituals etc. They do these kinds of rituals even at CERN were the statue of a Pagan Hindu Goddess stands at the entrance, who according to Hindu mythology destroyed to cosmos with her cosmic dance, the scientists there were recently exposed on video conducting a human sacrifice ritual which the fake news media the same forces control dubbed (prank sacrifice)

You have to ask yourself what such a Pagan statue is doing at atheist CERN were all the supposed best scientists congregate? This book explores just their Babylonian banking practices that is rooted in deep alchemy, satanism, talmudist kabbalist traditions

What’s it about?
I have answered some above, but it's best if you read the intro.
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