What are some cheap developments we can do to improve Somalia?

As an example if I am going to Somalia what are things that I can do cheaply that will improve the lives of my home village?
Investing in sport
If sport was huge in Somalia alot of the young ones would have something going on for Them just think about if the somali premier league had clubs from not only mogadishu but cities around Somalia that where good enough to join. People would maybe put the Guns down and support there local club. And the young ones would had a career to think about instead of being recrutted by alkabab or being too much i to Somali 68iq politis. I dont think it would cost that much to start local official clubs with youth teams init or Even cost you a single penny if you contact FIFA and they believe in you work they already give the Somali fedartion milions but Who knows what they use on. And not football but other sports too