What’s your go-to lipsticks?


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personally, I’m not a fan of lipsticks but when I do wear it on special occasions, my top pick is Revlon Colorstay. It’s long lasting and it looks so natural wallahi. The only downside is that it smells plastic-like and its dry. But put on lipgloss on top of it and ur all set.

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Gang shxt we in dis bxtch, huruud on deck!
MAC- whirl, verve and soar
NYX soft matte lip cream- berlin, abu dhabi
NYX buttergloss- praline, ginger snap

you‘re welcome sis



igafuuq 2.0
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love that message! Girl support girls ❤❤
Sorry for replying a bit late I went to look at my concealer shade. MAC NC45. I haven’t tried maybelline is it good? I don’t like foundation it drys my skin out and picks up every last un-needed detail. No matter what i do it makes it look caked. I go for a no-makeup look most of the times no foundation

I don’t know why it looks so light online but it’s a tad browner in real life
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