What’s with the Mahr talk?


‎كن التغير الذي تريد أن تراه في العالم
I see this everywhere on social media. Abdis and xalimos be arguing all over twitter about the Mahr prices. So what’s with the mahr talk? Why are Somalis recently so obsessed with Mahr instead of other useful things?


There's too many sexually frustrated Somali youths out here. Somebody get these kids married off already.
Women talk about it because they like the idea of getting a lot of money for no reason.
Men hate it because they don’t wanna pay so it becomes a big discourse.
It’s similar to how the 4 wives discourse was a big thing, men like the idea of having 4 wives because sex and women hated the idea of sharing husbands so it became a big discourse.
both are bad concepts and the discourse is an expansion of gender wars but from an Islamic way