What’s a good professional hairstyle for a faarax

I know everyone is gonna short cut but as a big forehead faarax, that shit doesn’t look good. Don’t get it twisted, my hairline is macaan and crisp(no bidaar here) but I’ve been cursed with this big forehead since birth

the problem is when I keep it long, I find it hard to keep it tidy and neat and it ends up looking messy.
Any advice?


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Hani Bee

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Depends on your hair texture and length really. There’s this one young Farah on tiktok who managed to hide his bidaar completely with his hair. But it looks very childish

Longhair is for young guys or men that they wanted and are resting on their laurels in the business fear and professionals here and supposed to be short and tidy

it depends on your curl length, cut at one curl , 2 at most


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Buzz cut. You'll eventually see that it's all in your head and nobody cares about your forehead and you'll gain confidence. Take the leap and stop overthinking it.