Were/are your parents affectionate?

My parents are not affectionate at all we barely hug and the rare times we do it feels weird asf cause I’m not used to it. I remember when I was a young kid (around 4-5 years old) and I was wanting to sit in my hooyo’s lap and she was like “get off me wa ceeb you’re a big girl” lmao

I think it explains why I’m not a very touchy person to this day, some of my friends are though and it took me some time to get used to


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My mother came to hug me and I almost punched her.

It tells a ton about a person when they dislike others touching them.


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Yeah we're pretty affectionate, always hugging.
Which I'm cool with but I don't do kissing. Lol with the sitting on the lap I still to this day try to sit on my mums lap to annoy her and she'll be cool with it for 2 seconds then complain I'm too heavy and push me off lmao.