well known saudi wahabist sheikh posts racist tweets towards somalis

Diaspora ambassador

Representative of Bari
True, and better among other things also.

And we should model ourselves on saudi, and follow and imittate our Arab brothers. Everything they do is sunnah as they are the people of the prophet csw.

So far we are getting better at things like blowing up stuff. But we have long way to go.

For some reason we are not fond of goats for example. And I don't get that because we really should aspire to be like Arabs whenever we can.
Walaal there are must certainly not following the sunnah, i have yet to read a hadith about financing terrorist bullying the ummah. We should follow the khalifa. Since there is no khalifa present, we should research the sunnah of the prophet and go that way. And not the sandniggers way even the prophet would not bless najd (modern saudi arabia). Why the hell should we.
Looks like a slant eyed uzbeck 'vomit of the sea'

But I love it when Arabs crack the whip against filthy wamnabe Arab Somalis. nothing more vile than them