Wearing a mask for the first time


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I am currently waiting for my corona test results. Earlier this week I had a mild cold. I hope it was corona and now I am immune.

Probably not though. :mjlol:
Sorry to break it to you but you can’t get long lasting immunity from covid. It’s very short term at most..


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It's terrible. However, it will eventually stop suffocating you. Give it a few weeks.

Thank G*d I only have to wear it when I run errands and have to enter public spaces.

I saw someone get arrested for mask noncompliance. Its totally crazy. They are making up their own rules. It's only supposed to be a fine from bylaw officers after multiple warnings but this man was hauled away in handcuffs by the police.

People have become mentally ill. You see masks being worn while people are driving and they have no passengers. Now people are wearing it outdoors and not "following the science" and will criticize you for not doing the same. It was only a few months ago where mask usage was discouraged.

There is a new mask rule that shows up every few weeks. They will soon force us to wear it at home or while we are sleeping. Just watch.


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Nigga where tf was you at since the beginning of the year? Y'all just started wearing masks at workplace? Damn UK a whole shithole ngl:ayaanswag:
@Jaydaan @Gambar @Basic @Basra

I got the results. They are negative. :mjkkk::mjlol:

It is impossible to catch this stuff. I don't even follow the guidelines like Jaydaan and this was my first cold in a long time. :lol:
Why does it look you got disappointed in those results? :cosbyhmm: