We went from this.. to this


To this..

Ever since 91' we've been synonymous with dysfunction be it: inter-clan warfare, extremism, piracy, anarchy, statelessness. It's ridiculous that there are some individuals on this site that are against the first competent government we've had since the beginning of the civil war.

Our president is a western educated man with a masters, but his transitional predecessors were nothing more than Quranic teachers.With the amount of progress the state can reach if we reelect him to another 4 years after this term I believe Somalia will truly become great once more. As our nation has battled back the extremists to their lowest point and have only made the security apparatus that much more efficient by introducing a biometrics system that eliminates ghost soldiers that have been milking the finite resources of the state. With our partners giving us more support then at any point in the last 28 years i.e. (US reopening permanent mission, International partners conducting ops within Somalia as well as receiving military support from Turkey/US in training our soldiers) As well as many other gains in our relationships around the world.

This government has battled against corruption within and has fully clamped down on it by appointing educated and honest men to our most sensitive posts such as the Finance and foreign affairs ministries which are the most critical positions in the country.
The world is becoming more globalized and different cultures/races are interdependent to an extent that's never been seen before. If we come together and work as a single unit on our problems rather than seeing each other as "them against us" we would be making extraordinary gains. Obviously we had a chance to achieve that prosperous Somalia but it was prematurely destroyed by warlords looking after their own interests and fulfilling the goals of our foreign adversaries. I see a new group of politicians today playing the same tune of being against their own government and running towards adversaries that are looking to cause instability and instigations. We will see who will come out on top.
Nabad Iyo Nolol 2020, 2024, 2028:qri8gs7: