We went from smart leaders, to dumb ones

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Af weyne Siyaad could speak multiple languages, none of the fat niggas in charge right now can speak more than their gibberish in the north and south!





So much depends upon a red wheel barrow.
I'll give him that, at least.
He was educated. I still believe Afweyne is nothing but a runny fart in the annals of history.
Got bums masquerading as leaders now, sad times.
Silly b'cos these "illiterate qablists" once upon a time held positions within Siad's government

Unless Wikipedia lyin':wow1:
Siad Barre was a great leader from 1969-1978 but after that he became a tyrant and an enemy to progress for the Somali people. He should be remembered for the amazing things he did that shaped Somalia and guides Somalis today such as the Somali script but we should remember the crimes he committed and learn from them so they are never ever ever repeated again.


There is nothing permanent except change.
he was a blessing to the somalis but as the somali proverb goes " somaali abaal ma leh", yesterday this great man was fought by almost every somali clan, today the same clans whole heartedly support their traitorous clan leaders, who only serve foreigners and their own bellies at their expense.


Was he? I thought he took over the country in a bloodless coup after Shermarke was assassinated by his own bodyguard.
He was a ambitious man as said, respected too, thus him becoming elected president wouldn't be that hard.

Ask your elders about this and don't read propaganda posted online by people who hated him for his actions
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