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We should be always grateful to the White man

What wealth is there in Somalia? It's a desert country in which millions of it's inhabitants (nomads in particular) are in risk of dying from famine.
It's oil-rich and has deep natural gas reserves, but it's not in a position to capitalize on Allah's blessings.


Got rings on me like Pippen
Somalia is not a pure desert nation per se such as Saudi. We can grow drought tolerant crops that are nutritious and stuff.
Reversing desertification is like reversing our culture which is locking up the animals and actually work to restore the land. that is the sad truth unfortunately


Got rings on me like Pippen
For some reason, agricultural boarding school/gulags dont sound like a bad idea. Somalis like to ship their bad apples abroad anyways, let them be of some use to their nation. It would serve as an alternative military service


just treat everyone with respect whether they are white, black or brown, you don't have to exclusively thank every white person as every white person did not have a say in ur being here. :)