We need to have more self awareness

Especially in public. For a small people we are extremely loud. Loud Somalis are one of the reason I chose to drive in London even though we have one of the best transportation systems I can’t stand embarrassment by association.

I had to get that off my chest.


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That's some insecure coon ass energy my g I love the fact that we be loud asf and that we don't care about what others think lol these ajnabis are below me would you care about what a bug thinks about you before you kill it? That's how I think about ajnabi that think bad about us
Nothing is worse than seeing a mumble jumble ghetto wannabe youth thugs strolling around in large packs that scares people off and being proud of it.

I don’t understand how they have so much confidence strolling around confidently by walking, wearing and acting like on predominately white countries.
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