We need a public online database of people to avoid marriage with

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You would be surprised how many people look for a wife or husband in another city or country but they hide their unislamic past. They fool them.

The somali grapevine can only reach so far. You are going to be limited in gathering this information on some people. Is there a way to create an online database. I would like a second wife within 10 years which is how this idea came to my mind. A second wife would have to be searched for by only me since families rarely look for a second wife for you. Public information would be helpful and it should only be open for people looking for a spouse, not open to everyone because we must hide our sins but those in the marriage market should have full access.
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Man gets dumped by his girlfriend and realizes that he's broke. A few years later he meets a sugarbaby and marries her.

The end.


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No database can surpass those gossiping aunts. Just unleash your aunts and they'll bring you her entire life story.

As for second wife, you can't marry 4 virgins. Only first wife has to be good, and the second wife can be an ex-
You just need to;
  1. Do istikharah, Allah knows best.
  2. Involve your relatives when selecting a mate, they can get you a reference/do research. Thank god for qabiil because all you need is their subclan name and you can find someone who knows their family.
  3. Avoid foreigners as much as possible as you cannot do thorough research into their past
  4. Get a full-panel STD test before getting married.
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