We Geeljire's got finessed big time!

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OR What?

Do y'all remember that grammy nominated Somali tapes?

This is what the record label behind the remake tweeted;

Seems like they bought it cheap and now are on their way to make millions after this recognition which seems like a stunt to give it more PR.

I'm going to make an early prediction: It's not going to win. The (((Goldberg))) variations will win. Call it a gut feeling. Bach was a German Lutheran, I know, but they love him.:lolbron:

Can we blame the people who signed these contracts? What would've been a better solution than the current situation? Do y'all think it's ok since they probably saved it from obscurity knowing how Somalis have become careless about music and other life joys after the war. Sometimes it feels like it's become a sin to laugh even. Somalis are careless about their culture as a whole.

Deal or No Deal? discuss! :dabcasar:
What do you think? have you read the tweets? there is even a video of one of the artists oo mirqaamaya giving permission :francis::snoop:

Somalis are so stupid
The cadaans probably have given them 500 dollars to sign :siilaanyolaugh: im so shook not

You can sense the desperation in the mail and the video. I don't blame them to be honest. It's just sad. We have fallen so low that we're not even able to protect our cultural heritage in a way it also benefits the people who've made the music. All this is ofc said without knowing the actual transaction and its size. I personally believe that it wasn't much compared to the sums it's going to generate. What's even worse is that they (artists) won't be invited to the awards in case of a win. Only the "producers" of the album.

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