We Are The Most Patriotic (Somalis) in the Diaspora.

Not for Somalia/Somaliland, but for our country, Australia.



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@AussieHustler Let's see MN somalis..

P.s I'm not from there


:pachah1: is that the thing calledd babbis made to look like the US flag? Lol


This is murica, the land of opportunity^^:trumpsmirk:

P.s: She's not somali.
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You guys need to get rid of the union jack, doesn't it embarrass you?


Sxb, we nearly became a republic 10 years ago and we couldn’t agree on what type of political system would replace the monarchy, a directly elected president or a parliamentary prime minister with a ceremonial head of state. What was agreed upon was we will wait till the current monarch lapses (dies) and then vote on a system and a new flag and become the Kangaroo republic of Australia.
No patriotic Somalis here in San Diego California America alhamdullilah for that f*ck Minnesota, Europe, Canada, and Australian Somalis. Miss me with that patriotism doqhinyahow