Wasiir Dubbe Before And After


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What's wrong with repping your state. I thought people claimed SL as part of Somalia.
They say SL is part of Somalia and at the same time they shun away SLanders that come to Xamar for work. :doge: It's pure xaasidnimo, it shows you that there's no such thing as "Somaliweyn", it's just lip service at the end of the day.

Their reasoning is that "Dirty Waqooyis" in Xamar don't care about midnimo, they're only there for "shaxaad"....Which doesn't make sense to me cause there's no such thing as "daacad" siyaasi, they are all in politics just to fill their taangi calools.:icon lol:

As for Dubbe. Imo, he seems to genuinely care about the Somali people, he's been pro Midnimo since way back in 2008, if not earlier. He has a book called "Felegmeer" where he talks about how unity is "muqadas". I think he wrote in the late 00s? And here's an article he wrote in 2009 about "Somaliweyn":

There's nothing wrong with repping your state. People are just jumping on the bandwagon hate train without doing a simple research. Here, he talks about why he left SL politics:

Basically, he says SL=Anything west of Sheikh mountains. This interview didn't age well lol. Instead of Sheikh, "Muusow, Buurta-Kala-Jeexan soo dhaafi" ayay sheekadu maraysaa. :noneck:
And here's the song he was talking about in the vid:
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Tbh, he's more "needed" in SL and than Somalia. Burco(and other Bari regions) is cursed with shitty politicians.:farmajoyaab:War dadkaaga iyo gobolkaaga isaga soo noqo.


Dubbe is a condom, the most shameless reer waqooyi in Xamar. Once the N&N govt is out of office I hope he gets stoned by the Burco ciyaalka xafaad on his eventual return to SL.