Wars TV shows/Movies - Band of Brothers/Catch-22


I have no proof, only whispers
I watched Catch-22 a week ago and now I'm on war TV/Movie binged. Currently re-watching Band of Brothers, I'll follow it with re-watching the following.
  • The Pacific,
  • Apocalypse Now,
  • Full Metal Jacket,
  • Platoon, Dunkirk,
  • Hacksaw Ridge,
  • Inglorious Bastards,
  • The Pianist (Not really a war action film but I love this film)
  • Edge of Tomorrow (Sci-Fi) <- Amazing film.

Do you enjoy these types of films and which is your favorite?


I have no proof, only whispers
I feel conflicted watching ww2 movies. I've always wondered how racist these men were given this all took place in the 1940's.

The ones portrayed in Band of Brothers who survived the war mostly lived into the 1980's/2010's maybe they were never racist or they were and changed.

Anyways, I would love to see a really good ww2 films focused on the black perspective.