Warning, how generational curses develop and how to avoid weakness

John Farah

Somalinimo till i dhimo
Gentlemen & Ladies, Welcome!

I wanted to share some perspective on something a lot of men and woman get confused on. We all want partner of strong moral values, who will help raise a family together. But sometimes we make the mistake of "falling" for a weak partner thinking they will change. When you marry a weak person, they will eventually fall to the weakness of sin. No matter how well you treat them, how much you support them or what you do for them, when the temptation of sin comes, they will do what the weak do and fall into sin.

On Weak Women

Weak woman have a tendency of saying stuff like "I have lost the spark" and "I just don't love him anymore" and "all men are trash". Let us examine what she means about the spark missing?

Most weak woman come from single parent households or abusive father households, the only males in their life are ones that treat them like shit when they are growing up. Distant uncles, older cousins/brothers etc. Like any child, the household is where we develop our model of the world. Bad family situation without a father will lead to them not knowing what a good man is, instead they will be conditioned to chase men who abuse them, because abuse is what they are familiar with.

I cannot tell you how many woman I've seen from single parent households who haven't connected that the spark they seek is the hell fire. They have not understood that the men they are attracted to are the very same men who will abuse them. For they confuse the sin of lust with love and are then burnt because of it. This is why you often see weak woman with violent abusive men, who pump and dump them with a child. This is the generational curse Allah places on woman who do not control their sinful nature.

These woman when they are courted by a good man think, "he will make a good husband for someone else" and they are right. They know deep down inside that this kind of man, will be a good father. They just don't want him yet, they will go get the seed of sin and bring it to the good man to raise, because that is what sinful people do, they bring destruction to those who are upright. Does the moth not fly into the flame? Does the cockroach not flee from the light? Is not the diamond surrounded by dirt? And is not the pearl not found in the mouth of the clam? Sin cannot help but harm goodness.

The Generational Curse

This is the sin that creates the generational curse. How is it that only when woman have finished their sinful ways, have arrived at a point where they have children without a father that the same traits that they once found unattractive are suddenly attractive? Well, even an animal understands pain leads to insights. The sad reality is, when these woman are finally ready to accept good men, those good men are no longer willing to accept them.

So they quickly learn they are damaged goods, no longer good enough for righteous men. And then attempt to dress themselves up in the Deen under false pretense. They unknowingly try to use religion to clean themselves up by "looking righteous" but their deeds expose them, Allah knows everything, they meet the justice they deserve. For the person who does not repent Allah forsakes.

On Weak Men

May Allah forgive us, and save us from our sin. But the west has made our woman even worse and our men weaker. Without a father boys grow up to be weak, they eventually do what weak men do - that is play around with women and then ruin them. These woman also being from broken homes seek out more weak men because they need the "spark" this spark is hell fire and pulls them towards the men who will reel them in with sweet talk, deflower them and leave them with the curse of generation sin.

Weak men create weak children and the cycle continues. A weak man will lure you in with nice words, but his actions will betray him. He will tell you he loves you, that he cares for you and that he respects you. But his actions are always opposite of what he says. You see that is the curse of weakness, we judge people based on what they say rather than what they do. Weak people cannot judge based on actions and instead fall into the trap of judging based on what someone says.

A warning to men, be very careful about the woman you find attractive, think does the woman you find attractive resemble your mother? Was your mother a strong woman? Or If your mother is moody, unstable and unable to keep a man.

Think about if what you are attracted to is really what you should focus on. Weakness in men is inability to control emotions and falling into lust, a weak man is often a violent man who cannot channel his emotions into productive means. He is a dramatic man, someone who cannot be trusted for stability and consistency. It is no wonder that when weak woman see stability and consistency that they get turned off, for their actions betray them. They seek the destruction, the violence and the abuse. For if you are raised in sin, how then can you tell the difference between it and goodness? does sin not feel comfortable to them? Ya Allah, forgive us.

Your sins are the burden of your children

The sins you commit today, are later repeated by your children. For how can dirty water produce clean water? How can a decaying tree bear fruits? The sin you live in, is the sin you place onto your children. Ya Allah, protect us from our sinful ways. If you marry a weak woman, expecting her to bear upright fruits, be-careful. Because toxic can only breed toxic.

Is it no wonder that every major religion in the world limits the nature of woman more than that of men? And that every religion forbids men from deflowering woman outside of wedlock? Is it no wonder that every advance civilization in history that has fallen, has done so when they've given woman the ability to act on their nature and men the ability to act on their weakness. For a corrupt woman, corrupts all. And a corrupt man will destroy all.

The truth is they only learn after meeting enough Mr & Ms. Mistakes, they want to finally give Mr./Ms. Deen a chance.

So instead I implore you to seek out a strong partner, because their strength will be what keeps sin at bay. It is the strong woman who will remain when the "spark" has gone. And the strong man, that you can rely on when you are vulnerable with pregnancy. It is the strong woman who has your back when hardship comes and it is the strong woman who will help you raise a family instead of destroying one. Remember when we all get tested by sin, will you trust a weak partner or a strong one?

The shoe fits if it's your size

May all you who are suffering find relief, ameen. If anyone was offended reading this, please introspect your mind. Because we are truly living in a sinful world, where both men and woman have gone astray. What we need is to have strength to avoid the devil who calls us towards sin.

To anyone who this resonates with, remember. We are not our parents, Allah allows everyone the ability to change, to leave sin and choose righteousness. Just because you are raised in sin does not mean you are forsaken to live in it always. Avoid the spark, avoid the lust and instead look for a strong partner, because when you look for lust you prioritize a small percentage of the time you will be alive. Imagine how many times you will have intercourse and then imagine all the rest of the time you will spend living. It is silly to prioritize lust over strong values when seeking marriage. For the men, avoid the lustful attraction towards weak woman. And for woman, avoid the lustful attraction towards weak men.
Fantastic read, many thanks.

It has to be pointed out that the person who knowingly selects a weak partner is not the same as the one that is ignorant of this.

For the ignorant it's a lesson and for the one that does this knowingly it's punishment that cleanses them in this world.

The difference between both is that one is temporary hardship while the other perminant or long-term and perhaps generational without repentance.

The worst part is that people like these seldom repent because they don't even think they did any wrong or pride stops them, they also tend to be very far from the deen to begin with which inhibits them further.

May Allah protect us and our families and our offspring from this virulent disease that is very prevelant today.


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