Waqooyi Fetish


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Let Them Eat Cake
If you mean waqooyi sisters, nah I see them no different than Somali sisters, I don't necessarily agree with this , we Southern Somalis do not share territorial boundaries with the people of the North, we are distantly far ,thousands of miles away , ofcourse there are major differences in accents , tribal and terrains etc
and those in suits would often exploit the minor differences by politicising it, but normal people don't see them differently and we aren't obsessed with them either, nor are we bothered about their self secession, Somalia itself is a mess like I've mentioned earlier its the politicians hyperventilating the entire thing.
It's safe to say that it's a Reer Bari problem

r u dhulbahaante?


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I guess Somalilanders are not good at geography, they need to stop calling themselves northerners or reer Waqooyi when they are not.

Puntland is the most nothern part of Somalia and also the most eastern point of the country.:win: