WALAHI THIS IS A TRUE STORY: my female friend called me for advice, she's panicky. Your input needed

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Bruv it's more believable that you have two phones and are texting urself on whatsapp :russ::drakelaugh::chrisfreshhah::mjlol:. Which normal girl would want an anonymous site that is known for trolling to know her dirty laundry unless she is a nutcase. Wallahi i know this niggas texting himself to make a platinum thread:deadosama::dead::deadmanny::dead1:. The levels you go though. Wallahi the owner of this site under appreciate ur dedication to this forum g.

Walahi I'm not texting myself, Walahi bilahi


Your superior
Would that have been in the context of a whirlwind lesbian affair wherein I'm attracted to low self-esteem :diddyass:

By might or by right, you have to fit me into your comments. Making little sense, but only to @ me.
this guy is obsessed with you ukhti, did u put sixir on him?
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