Bhudda is not fit for presidency. He should be an assistant or secretary or something behind the scenes. I remember when he came to the lander party in Toronto, I heard him speak:jaynerd:..I would never take him seriously :gucciwhat:
Who put him up to this. His crew is his enemy:pachah1:


+op MVLI
Danteenu waa UCID
Cadowgeenu godka KURID
Wadani waa STUPID

I remember the first time I heard someone say UCID out loud. I had only read it only and assumed they just said the letters U.C.I.D....nah fam they actually pronounce that shit, I was like "come again :mugshotman:do you have something in your throat?"


"I'd kill for a Noble Peace Prize"
What if, God forbid shit becomes like Kenya lol. I mean have you listened to Warabe's cuz in the other thread, nigga sounded demented and possessed enough to take a machete through suuqa or worse blow up cars as he claimed.:faysalwtf: