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Wadaagsin Galdogob-Galkayo-Garacad Border To Coast Road DONE

I checked google earth for wadaagsin to check up on it and it's nearly all done only a small leg is left to galkacyo. A dirt road goes all the way from Galdogob to Garacad VIA Galkacyo and balisbusle and a few other towns I noticed while following the road through the land scape. It's a damn long stretch of road that's for sure. But the great thing is Khayre and Gaas will be heading to Galkacyo to open up the next phase of the project the "asphalt' it's going to be paved all the way and apparently will be the first trans-national road project of it's time since the government collapsed, the sheer length is like 300 or so kilometers and if paved all the way will be the first of it's kind in Somalia. A border to coast road hasn't ever been done in Somalia before and should kick start similar road projects across the nation linking it's major towns to it's coastal towns.

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