virginity auction

Wait , so you wouldn't even glance at the nigga for a split second , you may never know who is asides from his looks , you should take that into consideration.

Old billionaires however have no moral compass, they have no dignity and they're the least of all people you'd expect from to have one. They are not only misogynists with many side women , they are also not different from predators, even if the girl hits 18 , they'll see her as another sexual object to destroy since they spend all their money for immoral causes and once they get tired of it they'll discard and move on to the next .
You may think it's a vantage point to loot all the wealth from these old fart once they drop dead, but you're just a trapped pawn , it's wise that you steer clear from them you don't want a rude awakening.
Most billionaires regardless of their age will consider their no strings attached relationships as illegitimate hence there are hundreds of wedlock children raised by distsraughted single mothers.
Don’t worry, I’m just auctioning off my kitty for a one time virgin experience. They pay, we fuck. No strings after that.


idiocy gives me energy
I have a better chance at banging a Victoria Secret Model than your pussy getting auctioned for more than $10K :mjlol: :russ:
I wouldn’t count on it sxhb the stakes are high but not impossible. Save your breath


The revolution will not be televised 📺
Saaxib you are confused, men pay for kitty. Women don’t pay for **** :lolbron:. Don’t worry, we will fund you on our trip because you seem to be a nice boy.
You didn't know? White women fetishizes African **** like crazy, they'd do anything for it :chrisfreshhah: