Violet Evergarden is an incredible show and you should watch it


Make Hobyo Great Again

I recently started watching and still have a few episodes left, but it's already solidified itself for me as one of the greats.

The show stars Violet who is a former child soldier (the setting is an alternate Europe WW1). She wakes up in a hospital bed to learn that the war is over. A friend of the major, her parental figure, takes responsibility for her and offers her a job at his new letter writing company. Violet struggles to adjust to civilian life and her new job.

Her letter writing job has her travel with her typewriter to help people best express their emotions through writing. Each episode takes her somewhere new with Violet touching the lives of the people she meets and they touching hers and helping her better understand herself.

At first I thought Violet would be the typical emotionless husk that we often see in anime. Although she may seemingly start off that way, her journey helps her change. She's a deep character who is constantly growing with each new job.

This anime is really emotional and is guaranteed to get you in the feels at least once in almost every episode (I never cried though :browtf:).

It also has amazing animation courtesy of Kyoto Animation (the studio that got burned down by a maniac last year).

The background music is exquisite and I say this as someone who rarely notices background music in shows. The music here is distractingly good with new songs being introduced even late into the show.

The show is very highly rated on My Anime List and it's only 13 episodes. You can watch it now on Netflix.
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I haven’t watched it I’ve seen the first few minutes of the 1sepisode animation is amazing

But I don’t know about the story I like me some hand to hand combat type sh*t