US Vice Presidential Debate.


Kamala Harris is so fake, it's crazy how she's stealing the headlights of being the first "African American" female VP when she's the daughter of an Indian immigrant mother and a Jamaican immigrant father and she was laughing about locking up poor Black parents because their kids skipped school.


باسمك اللهم
I thought she destroyed trump and he had no responses for her. The whole debate is centered on propping up the Pres and main candidate and he seemed to do bad at that.
Pence owned kamala bro. All Kamala could do was 'hum & huh' for the most part. No improvisation skills at all. She had to stick to her printed talking points on the table Infront of her. Geesh, it was hard to watch.

Tbh the headlines should read "Pence trounces Harris and exposes dem lies" Pence was presidential in his demeanour and provided solid facts that supported the successes of the Trump adminstration and exposed the dangers of the democratic party, boy he won massively.


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