NEWS US releases report which concludes crown prince MBS approved the operation to ‘capture or kill’ Jamal Khashoggi


i saw this the other day, they probably had the intelligence the whole time but trump didnt use it and couldnt get rid of it. the biden administration wants to combat saudis "human rights violations" so this is just plain blackmail or the threat of regime change.
usa is suadis biggest oil importer so these sanctions gonna hurt their pockets, theyll dance to bidens jig soon :pachah1:
Even if there wasn't any evidence of the Saudi Royal family's involvement in Khashoggi's death before, I believe it was widely accepted that it was in fact the Saudis who did it when it was first reported back in 2018.

The Saudi government was/is corrupt for a long time now so I'm not surprised by their actions, what has been happening in Yemen in recent years is clear testament to that. These people in my opinion do not deserve to have custody of the two holy cities of Makkah al Mukarramah and Madinat an Nabi.


Tabar iyo takaba garabkiinaan taaganahee
The Khaleej are hitting back. They all support KSA and calling US liars. Interesting times ahead.


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We all knew MBS order the hit to get Khasshogi killed. But I doubt MBS will ever get prosecuted in The Hague though. The US has an alliance with the Saudis

Omar del Sur

What government leaders don't order assassinations? I am not a Saudi super-fan but why does the media constantly bash them? To defend True Islam? Pretty much every government on earth is corrupt. You could just as easily "expose" basically any government. I think the whole point of the anti-Saudi campaign is to promote "liberal Islam" and promote globohomo.
who could have thoought the saudi scum that support the salafi sheikhs dominating the somali community with oil money could do this.. im shocked