Updates from Sheikh Hersi


OGADENIA- Land Of The Brave
Hes your cousin btw. nothing wrong with knowing dailey updates on canadian criminal so we can prepare to be safe .
I am not the one making threads about him, just bc he is Darood. The OP who is YOUR hawiye brother is. You have plenty criminals in xamar who caused and still causing the same crimes as the monster in the video.


People do have different things to say about this man. I hope people who do give their arguments fill in with that this is an educational man who has some sort of degrees in different things of scholarships.

Me my self, I believe he is a reliable and in many other eyes he is because of that his sources isn’t just “trust me bro”. He did indeed brought the minister of foreign affairs into one of his lives in Facebook. That to me declares a lot of things. But we as Somalis need to unite nowadays and stop to judge one and each other!