Update:- Super Hurricane destroys Caribbean islands. very sad.

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Holy shit. That hurricane I posted about yesterday just became legendary. The biggest hurricane in history. :damn:

The USA only cares and reports about Florida but this storm is brutally destroying the tiny carribean islands right now. They will suffer the most because they can't handle natural disasters like the US. Very sad

Hurricane Irma is officially the biggest hurricane in history. The wind speed is terrifying 200 mph. Imagine being outside and caught in this storm :damn:

This shit is scary. I'm so glad I don't live in these areas. Tropical storms are nothing to be fucked with :wow:


Tropical paradise turned tropical hell.

My friend's brother moved to Florida against everyone's advice to a house right off the beach. Guess who hightailed it back and had to ditch his place :hillarybiz:
Wow wtf is going on? These things are become more frequent now.
Waryaada ehlu gaala war ilaahay u noqda.
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