Update: Sunshine is going to be okay

Update: She’s back to normal. I bet she’s just trying to get a ssi check.
Cats can have a long life expectancy. I think the fact that Sunshine’s a completely indoor cat, is the reason why she’s still alive.
Thank for everyone’s prayers and kind words.
Sunshine said thank you and for God bless everyone here. She also said can she borrow 20 dollars for a can of tuna and catnip ?
If you want your cat to live 20+ years, 1. Neuter/spray your cat. 2. Good diet 3. Keeping your cat indoors. The average lifespan of an outdoor cat is 12-13 years. Also depends on the breed. Bengals are immune to the feline HIV virus. Persians have breathing problems and Siamese cats are prone to eye problems.