Unruly southern guests shown their place in Garowe conference

All this ganging up yet no coherent argument!

Islamic might be wrong about Puntland's status within Somalia but he's definitely holding up here.
Having fertile land does not equal wealth or future success.

Firstly, you need to have farming knowledge and equipment, it is back breaking work. Secondly, you need a market to sell to, Gedo does not have the right infrastructure or roads that lead to other regions in order to sell. It doesn't help that AlShabab controls the region or neighbouring regions so there goes the market. In addition, most of the surrounding regions have fertile land so why would anybody buy it from Gedo?

Furthermore, fruit/veg spoils quickly so you need factories and the skill to preserve the produce, otherwise it will go to waste; this is when factories would come in handy to turn the produce into sellable products but there are none. You need affordable electricity or renewable energy sources, Gedo does not have this.

Gedo has potential but lacks the people, skill and infrastructure like much of Southern Somalia.

Somalis need to stop bragging about fertile land, it's quite laughable.

What is next? Shall we brag about the weather?

At the very least, the average person in Gedo and Southern Somalia, should not go hungry, let's work on that first.

Whilst we bicker about fertile/non-fertile land, the whole world laughs at the fact that we still have droughts and hunger.
Puntland is peaceful primary for 3 reasons

1. the land is a desert and there is not much to fight over
2. most of the people come from 1 clan
3. the rudimentary port left over from the Barre regime provides just enough money for a very basic administration

None of it has to do with superior leadership. In fact the leadership is shitty which is why they routinely fail to pay solider and civil servant salaries.

Just giving you a reality check to extinguish an unfounded superiority complex ....
How shameful of farmajo to even give attention to sl/pl as he should resign since a functioning national army he should be building in last two years to curb al shabaab and others
kkkk, we are not against sharing our more fertile land w/ other Somalis but you're gonna need to leave the uppity attitude at the door. I was pro-MJ till I see all the stereotypes of you lot come true on this forum, which is why you have a bad reputation among the rest of Somalis and you've been essentially shut out of President and PM like the khatlanders
Khatlanders can run for uk pmship which they may have a chance but never in southern somalia a northern will be leading after the last few disasters
Gedo is part of Jubbaland, which is the most clan diverse and resource rich region in Somalia, which is why it is so unstable right now. There is a lot to fight over and many groups mobilizing to claim it.

Gedo itself is landlocked and has no port or infrastructure, which explains its predicament. But it is a fertile land with good rivers, so it has a lot of potential once the infrastructure question is solved something that will require international investment.

There are no meaningful per capita income differences in Somalia. All regions are desperately poor according to any international or even African metric. Gloating about a single UN report that gave Puntland a trivially
higher income seems pointless to me and misses the bigger picture.

As for all the state and federal leaders gathering there, that may be true but it does not take away from how petty your leaders are behaving toward them. Denying the federal president an opportunity to make a public address, threatening to kick out the Mogadishu mayor over an innocuous and totally inoffensive tweet---is all very petty and seems to reflect a certain gunnimo on the part of the hosts. I would say after this nonsense, Garowe should be blacklisted as a conference site. The economic boost that comes from hosting a conference should not go to a town with such shitty hospitality and unpleasant locals, imo.

lets give credit where credit is due saxiib, i dont see oromo hordes desperate to go to xamar, but they do go to jigjiga, hargeysa and garowe

Mj should be thanked, they are guarding the federalism marehan doesnt support becasue marehan doesnt have a srtate of their own

the only people interested in a strong rights for federalism and the states waa Ogaden and MJ

we need a strong federalism to make sure state rights are defended, its the only thing keeping the nation united other wise why state and be ruled from xamar when we had bad experiences in xamar

puntland is safe, they are less corrubt than xamar and other regions, i would not go to xamar where ministers are being shot each month

if puntland can remind farmajo he is head of a federal government then good for them, as farmajo seems to want to forget that little fact

dont have cuqdad, give credit where its due, lander do not have cuqdad, if yuo sleep with cuqdad it will eat you up

lets hope uncle Deny defend federalism as ahmed madoobe needs help since all other somali states are lap dogs for farmajo except for puntland and jubaland
Just wondering...

Why does Puntland host so many Southerners from fertile lands if it is a barren desert?

Furthermore, how come the desert is flourishing with farms?

Ramadan Mubarak all!
Puntland has the least Agriculure output of any Somali region its a desert doesn’t means its bad its the truth.

P.S there are some agriculture in the nuugaal valley but its non negelegable to its economy.
Puntland is no Saudi Arabia, sxp.

It's a very barren desert, more barren than even Somaliland, that has an out-sized idea of its own importance. You don't pay any taxes to the federal government or cooperate in any congenial way, so I don't understand the point of engaging Puntland. If I were fed leader, i'd ignore Puntland like Somaliland gets ignored.
forget about puntland, isnt it good all regions are meeting and in a somali lead somali owned security and city rather than ugandishu? looked after by bantu soldiers who dont have our nation at heart?
Maybe your English is not very good, because that wasn't the take-away at all. I won't bother repeating myself.

As for PL being the center of Somali politics, maybe in the head of a few delusional MJs but most people see Puntland as I do----as a barren desert that pays zero taxes with uppity people that we all know are upset and resentful they ended up with the shittiest land in Somalia.
many rich nations have no resources, its about huma capital, japan is 73% mountainous, singapore is tiny tiny yet richer than whole of east africa, switzerland landlocked half of wajir yet has 33% of entire africas GDP

rich nations dont need resources, they need education , human capital and an honest stable govenment

lets build somalia nd not be xasiid on one another
Puntland has the least Agriculure output of any Somali region its a desert doesn’t means its bad its the truth.

P.S there are some agriculture in the nuugaal valley but its non negelegable to its economy.
According to a report by FAO Puntland has excellent soil, unsurprisingly, many farms have sprung up in the 'desert' after the civil war. There are farms from Mudug to Sanaag, Puntland grows all the fruit that can be found in the South in addition to dates, which are not grown in the South.

Bear in mind that Puntland was not a desert in the past, it has been mistreated but it's not too late to save it and insha'Allah we will and have started doing so.

Like Teeri has mentioned, success is based on human capital and stability, not fertile/desert land or certain climates.

Puntland has proven this as much as it can by hosting all of Somalia's people in its cities and having the least issues in terms of instability and poverty whilst being a so called 'desert'. We should learn from each other and work together.


No drama
Don't ever let a starving southie tell you PL is a desert.. Look at pl development in the agricultural area.. Our land is blessed Masha-allah.



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