Unlocking the implications of Dr Abiy’s strategy towards Somalia

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La Xawla

Long Live the Somali Republic
The motives are very easy.
They come in paper notes of 5,10,100,1000. Lol


Make Hobyo Great Again
Researchers have suggested that hegemon led regional trade strategy will not necessarily result in increased economic benefits for the other members in the region. Bhagwati, for example, suggests dominant states utilize trade as a strategy to promote their own selfish policies resulting in aggressive unilateralism. The construction of regional “hubs” and economic “corridors”-the likes Ethiopia is promising to establish in the region- has led the world bank for example to conclude would create disproportionate gains for the hegemon.
I was worried about this but I don't know what we can do at this point. At the very least, because of the length of our coastline, most everything will have to pass through us eventually so maybe it's not as bad as they're making it sound.
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