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How did the UNFPA count rural population especially nomads? you can't do it without a livestock count becuz water wells could be old ones that were built in the 20s that are not used today and some nomads settled fully during droughts especially the north.

Each port needs to prove which region it's livestock came from. U will find if you cut Ogaden livestock from Berbera, not a single livestock will be there which proves my theory SL has no NOMADS, so how does Isaaq have nomads in SL?

Same with Galmudug, the amount of livestock they ship at Bosaso should've been measured to demonstrate xitaa hal geel uma dhigmo percentage ahan inta dhoofta bisha. Livestock country is ogadeniya/mudug/buhodle area. Followed by Nugaal/Sool/Karkaar. Bari won't be as much i'll admit that as they have three 'trades' frankincense, fishery, and livestock it's a mixed rural economy.

I can tell by the land size for nomads. Hawiye geel manta ma haysto hadi run rabtid, '80% waa settled ama wuxu ku xiran yahay koonfurta iyo urbanized. Hawiye population is 80% settled into cities or towns, very few live the miyi lifestyle besides cayr/reer hilowle which is kinda of a good thing as it's easier to control a settled population by controlling air, sea, land connection points and having cops in the city jailing anyone who protests.

But yes there is no way 80% of nomads are not darod and own 80% of the livestock of Somalia. MIYI IS DAROD, if you hear nomad it really means darod.
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For every city I prefer the 'length by width' model. It doesn't need fancy formulas or data aggregation and nonsense. It's perfect maths and simple in art form. One line vertically and one line horizontally, this will give u a 'length by width' in what-ever way u prefer to measure. SQ METER or SQ KM. Then you count one side the homes. Once u know one side, u will know the 3 other sides count. Assume each home has 5 per house-hold.

You can quickly get accurate numbers that people will be satisfied with, but if u start using 'complexity' people know u hiding something or else why does something so simple need to be complicated? maths whole purpose is to simplify complexity not make it complex. Your not supposed to make it harder in maths but find the ways to make the problem EASIER. That's a general rule of maths. Unless u can proof they are other factors or variables that need equating there is no reason too complicate it.

But one variable needs to be accounted. City settlers are caged in, they're voice shouldn't equal a miyi voice is a variable as the miyi can destroy all for them like 91. I can prove why. They can capture lifelines as city folks have nowhere to go, THEY HAVE ALWAYS OPEN SUPPLY LINE OFF THE ROAD. So for every settler the reality is nomad should be given more say in my opinion or else u can't safeguard the state.
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