UN is likely to concede to Farmaajo on election delay


To keep your balance, you must keep moving.
So far, the ongoing developments are indicating that:

1. The IC is willing to accept it the delay in elections

2. The IC sees Zulu and Blackie as spoilers. It doesn't bode well for them in the long-term.

To me it looks like Farmaajo presented a compelling case to the IC.

Of course, the situation is fluid and we might encounter unexpected surprises.

The US ambassador, Yamamoto, seems to have accepted Kheyre's fate. He is particularly irritated by the two niggas, one hiding in his closet, another playing in-hospital absence card.

Yamatomo turned out to be a diehard supporter of Somalia's unity but under the US conditions.

I am prepared to live with that. There should be some understanding between Somalia and the US in terms of domestic policy interference boundaries though.
How will they have 1m1v election if Puntland, Kismayo and Somaliland is not onboard?

Maybe we can call it election of the city administration of Mogadishu...


If Farmaajo actually pulls this off waa raggeedi wallaahi. Think what you want of him but if he does it he will earn my respect.