UK Somalis, why are West Africans and Caribbeans so obsessed with you?

:cosbyhmm: I'm trying to understand this because I'm from Toronto, and growing up I never had issues with madows. It seems like whenever I see a black person talk shit about Somalis, they're from the UK. They genuinely seem to be obsessed with us, bringing us up unprovoked. They claim things about our community and act as if they know us better than we know ourselves. A while ago, I saw a tweet by a madow woman saying that Somalis are massive colourists. Maybe I'm in the minority but my parents and relatives never mentioned skin tone growing up. I'm a few shades lighter than Gabrielle Union's colour, and no one cared. Unlike madow parents who go on and on about light skin babies and good hair. My parents also like madows, are pro-black and support Pan-Africanism yet madows are saying that our parents raise us to hate West Africans. Why are UK madows so obsessed? Is it an inferiority complex? Jealousy over our features?

This discussion has been argued to death in many threads. Read through them and you will know all about it. This is getting too repetitive.