UFC 254: Khabib vs. Gaethje

Who will win

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Not really, folk wrestling is terrible for MMA. They naturally give up their back. Look how Khabib ragdolled the much bigger Pay Healy, who was a wrestler
I agree for mma it’s terrible and freestyle is much better suited for mma. Folk wrestling is basically nerf version of freestyle to make it safe for young kids who do wrestling.

greco and freestyle is very useful and transitions better for cage wrestling and clinch


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The weigh ins were suspicious tbh, the scale was moving. But who cares, we can watch the greatest fight of the century
They weigh them before the public weigh ins idk why this is such a big deal for haters.
khabib looked so tired, is not the same without his father AUN, InshAllah he will win.


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Khabib is on a league of his own. He made it look easy

He let it all out, he was super emotional. AUN Abdulmanap