UCL Somali Society: Are Somalis Black?

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The name is Professor, Haji Professor
this gen of somalis are lost. as soon as i finish my degree i moving to saudi.
i dont go to ucl but i was present at their freshers :lolbron:

hawt saucy qarxis intel: they didnt let me join their somsoc.
Yo I thought you weren't going to uni


I have an IQ of 300
The funny thing about being on this site for longer than most active users (since most active users are new, and don't have accounts older than 6 months for some reason) is that you get to see the threads cycle basically semi-annually.
We had a giant thread about this already, where we delved as deeply into this topic as humanly possible on a shitty Somali forum.
Everything that has been said here, I've seen before. Is this what it's like being old? Seeing so much shit that the world starts to run out of new stuff?
I don't like it.
Not open for further replies.