UAE paid Al Shabaab $10M to claim the Ex Control attack

The UAE benefit from a unstable Somalia.

The U.S. is the one that empowers these terror funding Gulf countries through the petro dollar.

The mental gymnastics Somalis go through to blame someone else for their ineptness is staggering!
It's not only Somalis who blame elsewhere, it's a trait of all disempowered people. Black lives matter thinking weeye, it's emotionally guided. For example SL statistic all cooked up and proven, yet his policy is 'isaaq lives matter' to the world, proving his heading towards nation state that will be no different to south africa or other emotionally driven people that's if he even gets past a south sudan model with clans all warring at mention of independence. What we need to do is 'sanction' them untill they join the real world and apply information age practises, today is the age of DATA. why? we need data so we can apply maths and calculation. So what u need to do is go collect all data about yourself, then talk on the data and where u will target, what goal needs to be done and time delivery. Get all siyasi to sign it, u shouldnt be arguing in nation where its only goal is to achieve the BASIC OUTCOMES. This isnt economical discuussion that creates split. There is no 'awood' here somaliyay, its only empowered to make sure ppl have the basic in life. U wasting all ur enery in the 'wrong era' of SOMALIA DEVELOPMENT, SAVE IT FOR THHE KNOWLEGE ECONOMY STAGE