Typical somali girls in the uk

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yasmin lan

Satans step daughter
The typical Xalimo
Wears a leather jacket ( preferably from primark wears Nike air forces wears a maxi skirt and a tight black hijab huffs balloons has been going to college for four years and is looking for a man who’ll pay £50k for her mehr
Full time uni xalimo
Dresses like a hipster practically,lives in the library, very Antisocial and has only two friends, wants to be a doctor, egalitarian and women right activist on twitter SJW Xalimo
Is politically correct !,Qoutes every trump tweet and get 1000 likes per tweet on twitter, lowkey doing it for clout, owns a Good enough shirt by Nathanzed,wants to go to Coachella with zendaya and her style is mostly what she thrifts and makes White girl Xalimo
Speaks like she has flem down her throat,lets her white friends say the N word,100% of her friends are privileged white girls, wears uggs and slips off her abaya when leaving the house then slips it back on before getting in and “hoyoo I’m going dugsi” but is actually out shopping Hood/gangster xalimo
Her af somali is terrible avoids dhaqan Celis, spend her time around a bad crowd, wears jeans leather jacket and a high top messy bun, uses Jamaican slang, Probably has a non somali boyfriend, probably a teen mom, she’s the topic all somali women speak about around the community and has no qualifications Ukht xalimo
Is a changed hood xalimo,has her eyes on a cute revert,still waiting for ali dawahs marriage documentary,Post slightly offensive niqabi qoutes, probably has submitted a wild story to shaax corner,trash talks Shias 24/7 and wears a long thick black abaya and a niqab ( tag yourself im typical xalimo mixed with full time uni xalimo ):russ: credit to @Jodeci


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yasmin lan

Satans step daughter
And how did I look like lol

Make a decision that pic I posted mine or you saw mine as you claimed lol

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Somebodies abit defensive do you really want evidence because somali girls always got the tea hunty if I was you I’d just accept it and walk away bud


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This website has opened my eyes to alot, somali girls are qaashin :trash:

yasmin lan

Satans step daughter
They really are walle. I don't go to the somali society at my uni. Im a white washed mofo. Some of the malis call me qalbi cadaan :dead::dead:
:ileycry: Wow I’ve watched a few yt videos on some somsoc and it seems lit you look like your missing out :faysalwtf:
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