Types of vaginas


Milf hunter
our ancestors are rolling in their graves as we speak:nahgirl:

imagine fighting xabashi portuguese english italians only for their descendants to discuss types of pussies acudubillah

Nairobi La Flores

Hakuna matata
damn how do u lot discuss this tho

"abaayo how does ur pussy look is it like a horseshoe"
You don't tell everyone , just your closest girlfriends.

The white girls have no shame though, the ones I meet told me they were MRS CURTAINS, some even get cosmetic surgery to get it fixed
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Nairobi La Flores

Hakuna matata
''damn sis my vagina looks like a cross.''

''mine looks like a horsehoe''

''omg so relatable, twins!!!!''


It's no different about how men in here share their D sizes

Abdi : I'm 9 inch hard and 6 inch normal.

Farah: wallahi bro , mines 10 inch hard and 3cm normal.


شهيد عبدولي علي علمي
The western ones I have bedded seem to be the curtain or tulip type. I had numerous single night halal marriages.