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Two Somalia Economic Development

Rather then embarass ourselves constantly in front of the world, why don't we propose a 'two economic approach' to Somalia like China/Hong Kong. We will ensure our oil taxes isn't going to a corrupt govt in mogadishu who may empower 'bakaraha' market business men who are aligned with 'terrorist' and may become bin laden type financiers and one of the biggest reasons holding the world from developing this cesspool because of 100 global threats(HG and their moryan allies).

Rather then let them hold us back in these 'black market' conditions, why don't we propose a 'two somalia economic model' and prove to the world that no money locally will reach 'islamist' business men and create 'New Mogadishu' and New Bosaso and bring in only 'reliable' and 'CIA approved' Business men who's backgrounds can be checked they are not a threat to the world.

You can't expect the world to develop your people and that money goes to HG businesses who will then 'fund terror groups' world wide? this is an unreasonable request. Even Bosaso business men have idealogically 'aligned' to HG 'Islamist Mashruc' and are hiding in our market places but we have 'identified' them and they are on the 'CIA watch list' to show our American partners we are not 'dishonest' people like Afghanistan who harbors 100 al-qaeda elements and destroys all Afghanistan.

PL are not Somaliland who will be potential threat to the world who 'funds' 'directly' from govt to shabab cells in burco-erigavo and they think they can 'conceal' it from the world lol these back-ward Isaaq. War be honest to the advanced nations they have far more technology and nuclear weapons then you, there is no-where you can play them but only play yourself.

So let's create Two Somalia economically one linked to 'bank licenses' and approved to 'Ali Saleman business men' who have already 50 billion in assets sitting in Oman for 300 years and had a 'good suuq' to develop from and show it the CIA(he has something to lose) and show the(terrorists in Bosaso and Hamar markets). HG threw in a jambal in 93 to control PL and bring it into 'terror cells' so we don't get treated like responsible nation since HG has nothing to lose their 'black listed' from the world, some Bosaso business men 'bought into this deeni sheet' kkkkkk. I say 'cleanse' them.

I can understand Abdillahi predicament at the time as he just finished a war with these Dahir Aweys Islamists in 'Bari' and he couldn't kick them out without 'infuriating' Ali Saleman business elite in Arabia, so he told them to dominate the 'economy' so he can get some 'breathing' space to deal with the 'state less' nation that we were in because that was more priority then the 'economy' because the economy is nothing without a 'govt' guiding it.

The economy is controlled by govt. Infact the govt is the biggest 'business' it takes a 'slice' of everything unlike the 'economy' that is why everyone wants the GOVT not some 'shirkad' so we tanasuled for the 'local islamist' But we need to come up with a policy to 'slowly cleanse' them out of the Bosaso Market an Hamar by creating 'informal area' for them the 'old somalia' while the security certified areas will come under 'bank licenses' and the locals will be empowered with loans. We need to ensure the GOVT can't be penetrated by these black market kunts or else we all remain in this poverty situation and charity dependent as they won't allow 'future bin ladens' to develop in Somalia
As puntites we need to review our relationship with Saudi who at least gave Dubai a good deal not us in PL. They started these wahabi injection into Somalia back in the 60s fearing an 'oil market' here and creating 'future terrorists'. They didn't come as many think after 'wadaad were killed' siyad saw this shit coming and now their here dominating our schooling and economy meaning their 'teaching u bullshit that u wont get a job with' while 'ensuring' if you ever do become a govt those islamist will take their orders from Saudi arabia to disrupt your economical development.

So those Islamist are really Saudi cells to ensure they still 'control' you and those HG are following the same 'idealogy' and they will be told if you wanna 'keep those billions u made' from that Somali market that is oil driven, do this and that for me or else you will lose it. The huge problem we have though is Saudi is critical ally of America and more of a priority to them when it comes to the rest of the region. So we are stuck in CIA ally who's priority is Saudi first not Puntland.

While there is no-way we got a british ally due to historical reasons and they know if we dominate Somalia, their ass is gone. China seems fruitful and good history on the continent(meaning they won't fuck that image up), so I say 'swing' to China wallahi 'economically' I read their history and they never cause trouble in other countries and keep purely 'economical' unless you start 'messing' around with them. They have now gone political to some extent so don't make them jepordize our 'cia ally' or else our 'security' is gone, and security comes first in PL not economy so China plays a 'second role' in all honesty.