Turkey trying to sly control Somalia?

Hmm I just thought about it. What if Turkey is trying to control Somalia and make it it's country. It just opened its Turkey embassy, whats next? Turkey government? I just feel ashamed that we Somalis have to let other people do something for us. They think we are weak. This Somali president doing shit all just sitting around. First, Somalia needs to kick out all of its citizens. Then, Ugandan troops or Somali troops destroy al shabab. After, we do a west style government. We can do this easily, we have the oil and resources. Also the schools have to be heavily influenced by science maths and English/Somali/ any other language. If people want to go Islam school they can but don't force them. Let the school that are infuclened by science maths and English be Top priority. Done... Somalia best country in Africa.