Trump Vs Ilhan


Like Donald Trump, I like to be Spanked.
Let Them Eat Cake
Ayaan is against islam deep in her core being. She has aligned herself with the dutch trump for years even produced a film with him about the negativity of islam in a very bed manner.

To hold her up as an example is kinda against our islamic and somali values.

Eedo have you researched ayaan's past by any chance

Fair, and informed argument. I do not hold her as an example. I hold her as she is. I have mention here many times that i wish she was a Muslim.

I credit her with Intellectual power, Secular Intellectual power. I contrast her to the Ilhan Omar who is yes, a muslim--Mashalaah, but very unwise as to how she conducts herself.

Ayaan's religiosity is none of my business.

there is an hadith where the daughter of Sahaba Abukar, ra, asked our prophet pbuh whether she should be nice to her pagan mother. The prophet pbuh directed her to be nice & kind. If the biggest sin and sinner we are required to be nice to---then

With ALL due respect huuno, let me be thankful or Nice ? to this Majeerten Intellectual power Queen !~

(i added the last part because i know it will annoy you)