BREAKING NEWS Trump tests positive for Covfefe-19

The same guy who mocked biden for wearing mask at all the time and dismissed it as a chinese hoax:pachah1:

But now this wonderful case would be douple edged sword for trump and his supporters, if he gets mild symptoms and recover within few days as most do then he will prove that he is farsighted tough and strong dude that americans are in need of and he will win on the election easily but he gets serious illness and go to ICU department than this will show americans how he is stupid and careless as a president and justify their blame for him on all those lost their lives due to this noval infection.


LOVE is none smelly Dhuuso.
Let Them Eat Cake

My thoughts and prayers are with POTUS & FLOTUS. May God help them.


LOVE is none smelly Dhuuso.
Let Them Eat Cake

Holy shit!

@Apollo Oh apollo that photo made me laugh! It made my Friday!

I am waiting for ilhan Omar to say on Twitter she tested positive so that her and trump can have something in common. looooooooooooool

ha ha ha ha ha haha haha ha ha ha ha
Trump will live, he's a wealthy elite and POTUS, he will not die. This is nothing more then a publicity stunt for the election


[Cali Saleebaan][Migiurtinia]
Best news I heard all week, Mashalah I hope he dies fast and Biden takes over his seat and Melenia as well.:banderas:


1. It's a publicity stunt to show that it's a hoax and he's a "good American man"
2. He has it but survives easily as he's rich.
3. He has it & it hurts him, he'll lose support.

He has a 2/3 chance of benefitting